The Reformer apparatus uses a spring system to create resistance. The Reformer improves breathing, strength, control and overall flow through the foundational movements of Joseph Pilates.

Mat & Barre FUSION

Mat classes are the core of Pilates and strengthen the body's power house. Barre will target and tone micro muscles. Together they provide a well-rounded, full body work out. Enhanced by equipment like the Spine Corrector.


A low-impact, cardio-based workout using the Reformer. It's joint friendly, so great for clients looking for a high-intensity work out without the risk of injury. 


Tower provides a framework using resistance to help strengthen your core and elongate your
body. Clients will learn controlled movements and strong spinal articulation.  


A simple piece of equipment that provides an open space for increasing mobility, balance and posture.


Clients work one-on-one  with the instructor who creates a workout tailored to their specific needs. Private sessions are by appointement only.


Cost effective and motivating, elevates practice with a customized session for two. Duet sessions are by appointment only.